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7 Super Cozy Small Studio Apartment Designs You Must See

Studio Apartment Interior Design

Life demands in urban communities have succeeded in giving birth to a variety of alternative housing. One residential trend that has emerged since the last few years is small studio apartments. The design of this studio apartment on average prioritizes comfort and high functionality. So even though the design of studio apartments has a simple […]

10 Beautiful Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs For You Minimalist Enthusiasts

Minimalist Small Kitchen Designs

It is undeniable, the house is currently available in small sizes due to limited land and high land prices. This also affects the size of the space in the house, including the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is a design that is often used by many people because it can create a wider impression than the […]

11 Awesome Modern Wooden Stair Design Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Unique Staircase House Design

One important element that should not be forgotten in building a two-story house is the stairs. Since time immemorial, wood materials have often been used to make traditional stairs. Over time, it turns out that more and more modern wooden staircase design ideas are suitable for minimalist housing. Wood is famous for its strength and […]

10 Amazing Rustic Architecture Designs for a Warm Home Impression

Rustic Cabin Interior

One of the architectural styles in the United States that is used for government buildings in villages or private homes and interior structures is rustic architecture. This style is influenced by the style of American craftsmen. In the world of rustic architecture and interior style is interpreted to have a rough texture and not finishing […]

9 Beautiful Teen Girl Bedroom Design Ideas To Inspire You

Teen Bedroom Color Ideas

A romantic bedroom is a place to rest after a long day of work but with a romantic feel like a flower decoration idea or bright wall colors. Apart from being a place that we often visit every day, this place can you do other activities, such as learning and others. The bedroom is also […]

10 Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Designs You Need to Know

Modern Home Kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchen design is increasingly in demand because it balances the balance between contemporary and traditional aesthetics. In essence, this model is the best of other contemporary models. Feel free to enter the composition of the room with the right touch pattern, but remember that it is important to make the pattern smoother than […]

10 Beautiful Simple Bedroom Designs with Unique Ideas

Inspiring Modern Bedroom Design

A bedroom is a place where you can calm your body and clear your mind of a tiring day. The bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible that can be felt by the occupants. Therefore the bedroom decoration design that is made must also make the person can rest comfortably and give a quiet […]

10 Best Small Garden Design Ideas For a Refreshing Home Atmosphere

Great Outdoor Garden

Gardens, although small, of course, most of us want to have them. With a garden, we can enjoy fresh air, become an artist by planning the layout of flowers and garden accessories, or enjoying ornamental plants. The garden is the perfect place to enjoy time with family and friends. There we can enjoy food or […]

11 Beautiful Pink Bathroom Color Schemes To Make Your Home Perfect

Awesome Pink Bathroom Design

Taking the Pink Shades Bathroom Design and home model scheme is your goal, it’s minimalist and impressive, and you can combine it with designs that have been widely used today. The concept of this house is the right thing if you want to have a home with a conducive and delicious atmosphere. It is not […]

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