15 Charming Small Apartment Decorating Ideas for Your Convenience

14 Move The Sliding Walls and Doors

Having a small apartment is a test to train our ingenuity and creativity. At the decorative level, this is a real challenge focused on maximizing available space, not only on our functional needs but also aesthetically. The idea is how space is organized and able to create an attractive and friendly atmosphere.

To achieve a balance between these two things, imagination is one of our best tools. In this idea book, we propose cool ideas as creative solutions for decorating your small apartment.

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1. Creative Solutions

Not only the size but also the shape of your furniture will help you maximize your room. The creative idea that you can transfer to your interior is a closet like this one.

01 Creative Solution
Creative Solution

2. Take Advantage of Every Corner

In many ways, size is not the only limitation a person has to face. Small apartments can have strange shapes and the key is to find out how to use each corner. Taking advantage of the conditions of a particular room meant to achieve an attractive and functional design is your best weapon.

02 Take Advantage Of Every Corner
Take Advantage Of Every Corner

3. Space Under The Bed

Arranging a house and maintaining neatness is very basic in a small apartment. To achieve this, another creative idea that you can transfer to your interior is to have a bed with underneath storage so that the space-occupying this important element in any bedroom will also be used as a storage solution.

03 Space Under The Bed
Space Under The Bed

4. One Bedroom is High

If the idea of creating a mezzanine tempts you, see the idea of placing the bedroom above. Underneath it will also allow you to add space to accommodate changing rooms, home offices and, even space to rest.

04 One Bedroom Is High
One Bedroom Is High

5. Its Function is For Relaxation

The bedroom whose decor must be in accordance with our needs to relax and unwind. If you have a small apartment, a good way to integrate support for your technology is to put your closet space into a cupboard location so you can see your favorite programs without getting out of bed.

05 Its Function Is For Relaxation
Its Function Is For Relaxation

6. Special Furniture

If space is not as large as we want, betting on custom furniture will give you the opportunity not to waste even one corner. A cabinet like the one you see in the picture, taking advantage of the overall surface of the wall and adjusted to the tendency of the ceiling, is a very practical storage solution for a small apartment.

06 Special Furniture
Special Furniture

7. Mezzanine

Spatial limitations on the surface are not a problem when you have a high ceiling. Use it to make mezzanines or anything similar, whose function is as extra space to include cabinets, shelves and the like.

07 Mezzanine

8. Kitchen Cabinets

A “kitchen cabinet” that will function perfectly when opened and disappeared when closed.

08 Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

9. More Hidden Space

The kitchen is not the only surprise in this project. The right door has become part of the room decoration that includes, other features that can function as a dining table or side table when opened.

09 More Hidden Space
More Hidden Space

10. Storage

Apart from offering the perfect setting to let the imagination fly at a decorative level, the wall can be a collection of surprises. In this small bathroom, a practical closet hides behind one wall, offering a very original storage solution.

10 Storage

11. Office of The House

If all you need is an office in your small apartment, maybe this is the solution for you. An office desk complete with shelves hidden in a closet. You can open it while working, but it will look neat when your job is finished.

11 Office Of The House
Office Of The House

12. Add Space

Although space integration is the perfect solution to convey space, adding certain partitions can also help you optimize space in a creative way, such as in the small apartment above.

12 Add Space
Add Space

13. The Form That is Not Possible

Bathrooms are often one of the most inadequate rooms, such as cramped even with strange and asymmetrical shapes. However, you can optimize the available surface as much as possible by choosing the right furniture.

In this example, it appears that furniture that supports the sink area is designed according to the shape of the room, narrowing to one side to fit. In addition, this design combines practical shelves to keep everything neat and perfect.

13 The Form That Is Not Possible
The Form That Is Not Possible

14. Move The Sliding Walls and Doors

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an open concept but without sacrificing certain privacy into your space, a good alternative is a sliding door. Even if you allow maximum room connection, you can maintain independence when needed and without sacrificing a lot of space.

14 Move The Sliding Walls and Doors
Move The Sliding Walls and Doors

15. Make Use of The Height of The apartment

Our last recommendation for successfully decorating a small apartment is to maximize altitude. Elements that utilize verticality to serve certain purposes, whether organizational or aesthetic, will help you respond to your needs while creating a space full of character.

15 Make use of the height of the apartment
Make use of the height of the apartment

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