10 Amazing Two-Floor Container Ideas for 2019 House Design

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One of the biggest advantages of container houses is economic efficiency. Short construction periods and total construction costs including materials and affordable labor costs, as well as costs for maintenance and repairs in indoor and outdoor. Not only that, container houses which are now known as cheap houses have long emerged as beautiful and practical architectures. The building is also economically efficient in recent years along with the development of architectural and design technology in the room.

Amazing 2nd Floor Home Container
Amazing 2nd Floor Home Container

In this idea book, we want to wear 10 two-story container houses with charming designs. Let’s look with the inspiration!

1. Large window

Let’s look at a unique container house. Perfect beauty can be seen in the long corridor-shaped space that crosses the air, the balcony that looks large with a glass railing, and interior space designed with glass windows all over the wall. What kind of atmosphere can you feel with the view of the entry and exit of light from here?

1 Large window
Large window

2. Firm and more open style

If you dream of a futuristic house, what about a container house that utilizes openness and courage? This two-story house is designed with simple copper lines and uses exterior walls with special windows to break inside and outside boundaries. This is a house with a different layout that separates open areas and private areas with charming personalities that minimize daily discomfort and create innovative designs.

2 Firm and more open style
Firm and more open style

3. Space-saving configuration

This white container is small but has a comfortable and safe place with an efficient composition of space. To improve space efficiency and reduce noise, the laundry room is made separate outside the room.

3 Space saving configuration
Space-saving configuration

4. An affordable and comfortable place

This container house, which has been completed at an affordable price, is undoubtedly the best choice for those who are struggling with a tight budget. This is a two-story house with a combination of three basic containers. This house also provides space for three or more family members.

4 An affordable and comfortable place
An affordable and comfortable place

5. Blue container house in the forest with a balcony

This is a comfortable medium sized blue container house. The terrace that rises from the ground and roof from the second floor provides a relaxing outdoor space with a three-dimensional look.

5 Blue container house in the forest with a balcony
Blue container house in the forest with a balcony

6. Ideas from various outdoors

This is a beautiful black exterior container house that attracts the eye. The interior space is full of pure white and has an interior with a clear layout in each area to create efficient space. Like the first project, there are crossing right angles. This adds a terrace to the deepest ground that is up to 90 degrees and a balcony in the space created on the first floor.

6 Ideas from various outdoors
Ideas from various outdoors

7. Display stable

The outer part of the container and the roofline are closed so as to add external stairs, rails, fences and flower boxes to create a calm and stable image of the house, not wild shades.

7 Display stable
Display stable

8. Port container with reverse charm

At first glance, it looks like you are in a port. The interior, which is styled with furniture and accessories in a modern and sophisticated style, has a contrasting charm with a strong personality exterior.

8 Port container with reverse charm
Port container with reverse charm

9. Areas enjoy openness

Houses with large open areas to enjoy openness in the room. There was a black window at the top of the glass window so it didn’t matter to switch to private space. On the front floor, a wide wooden terrace is installed to expand the living room. The stairs to go up to the second floor are installed outside and connected to the balcony to add to the outside.

9 Areas enjoy openness
Areas enjoy openness

10. Beautiful geometric housing

Two containers intersect at the right corner and at the intersection. The sharp red steel frame once again covers two masses in three-dimensional shapes. The space in the house does not only consist of the upper and lower floors but attracts distinctive geometric beauty and exudes its own charm.

10 Beautiful geometric housing
Beautiful geometric housing

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