10 Awesome Minimalist Bathroom Designs on a Limited Budget

Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

Who does not want to have a bathroom that is cool, clean, and makes you feel at home taking a long shower? A minimalist bathroom can be your choice for those who are still looking for the right bathroom design ideas. Minimalist design themes, especially minimalist bathroom designs are still often used as a source of inspiration because they provide a feeling of comfort, clean and always look modern at all times.

A minimalist bathroom with a simple design also means you can avoid piles of unnecessary objects and only collect dust & bacteria.

It’s no secret that the surface of these useless objects can become a den of disease and bacteria that can run around in your bathroom.

Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms
Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

The good news again, the minimalist bathroom also does not need a lot of money. In fact, this minimalist bathroom has a high function like other luxury bathrooms. As long as you know how to apply a minimalist bathroom design that is suitable and with cheap decoration, you can have a minimalist bathroom like a famous interior magazine that looks luxurious at the expense of making and design-friendly in a bag.

1. Elegant Black Ash with Natural Lighting

The combination of gray and black floors produces a minimalist bathroom that looks elegant and luxurious. Meanwhile, to make this minimalist bathroom look clean and bright without having to spend a lot of money, the light source used is from natural lighting for the sake of a flexible natural impression. You can save a lot of monthly electricity costs! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use lights!

A Black Bathroom with an Italian soul
A Black Bathroom with an Italian soul – source: ceramica.info
modern bathroom black tile
modern bathroom black tile – source: dopay.info

2. Minimalist Bathroom with Extra Storage

Want to have a spacious and minimalist bathroom but don’t have a lot of space? This is an intelligent design inspiration. Have extra storage With the dominance of neutral colors, such as wall storage.

Modern Minimalist Bathrooms
Modern Minimalist Bathrooms – source: pinterest.nz
This Bathroom Vanity Features Plenty Of Storage
This Bathroom Vanity Features Plenty Of Storage – source: demilovatocentral.com

3. Oriental Nuances

Your minimalist bathroom doesn’t need to look boring like an ordinary minimalist bathroom design. The inspirational context of this Japanese style bath. Guaranteed this minimalist bathroom will make you feel at home soaking in a long time.

Minimalist Bathroom with Oriental Nuances
Minimalist Bathroom with Oriental Nuances – source: wowamazing.com
Minimalist Oriental Bathroom
Minimalist Oriental Bathroom – source: pinterest.ca

4. Attractive Lighting Produces Beautiful Minimalist Bathrooms

This minimalist bathroom still looks elegant and luxurious. The key is consistency in neat “raw” elements plus a unique installation of beautiful lights. Results? A minimalist bathroom that is not too decorative but still has a beautiful chic style.

Minimalist Bathroom Attractive Lighting
Minimalist Bathroom Attractive Lighting – source: citycollegeinc.com
Minimalist Bathroom Light
Minimalist Bathroom Light – source: dopay.info

5. Perfect Melting With Home Interiors

Focus on a minimalist bathroom that blends perfectly with the interior of the house and separates bathing activities for minimal wet space. As for the purposes of dressing up, it can be combined with space at home so it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Bathroom interior designs
Bathroom interior designs – source: housesinteriordesigns.com
Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms
Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms – source: interior-design-s.appspot.com

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