10 Best Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas For New Innovations In Your Home

Natural bathroom with blackbutt style

A comfortable house certainly makes the occupants feel at home in it. Comfort can be obtained, one of which is to have a good layout or interior design, both in terms of furniture arrangement, room model, interior color selection, and others. The interior that also needs to be considered is the bathroom. Having an attractive bathroom model certainly makes us feel comfortable when doing clean and other activities.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, which we use every day. Well, a clean bathroom, and has a beautiful interior decoration, of course, will make us relaxed and comfortable. For those of you who are looking for fresh ideas to change or dress up your bathroom, this time we will feature 10 minimalist bathroom designs, the work of Indonesian architects.

Best Minimalist Bathroom
Best Minimalist Bathroom

1. Minimalist and Clean Style

The bathroom of this apartment is of limited size. Therefore our professional’s design bathrooms with a minimalist and clean style. 4 colors are used to make it look fresh and far from being cramped. The use of transparent glass in the shower area is a trick so that the bathroom feels spacious. Well, thanks to the use of fresh green, this tiny bathroom looks amazing!

Small Bathroom Porcelain Tile
Small Bathroom Porcelain Tile – Source: jollawalls.com
Oslo Apartment for Sale
Oslo Apartment for Sale – Source: onlydecolove.com

2. Smart Design for Limited Space

The following bathrooms are designed with a smart design, for a fairly small space. Unlike the previous one, this bathroom was chosen with bright shades, which were presented in white and gray. Bright shades can provide space that feels wider. Now, with artistic wall and floor games, this tiny bathroom can be transformed into one of the cozy areas in this apartment. Good job!

Contemporary Aspen Condo Gets
Contemporary Aspen Condo Gets – Source: decoist.com
Designing For Small Areas
Designing For Small Areas – Source: all-home-decors.com

3. Simple Look with Dominant Shades of White

The bathroom looks sweet with white shades, so the clean and simple impression makes it look stunning. The one who steals attention is the wall with small boxes, making the whole bathroom wider and brighter. The selection of an attractive sink shape, cabinet, and a unique shower area divider makes this bathroom very comfortable and suitable for small-sized designs.

Bathroom Floor Tile Alternatives
Bathroom Floor Tile Alternatives – Source: inspiratdesign.com
If you choose a bath vanity with top
If you choose a bath vanity with top – Source: mykinglist.com

4. Elegant Ivory Color

Glass games make the next minimalist bathroom no less stunning. The large glass on the cabinet and transparent glass as a barrier to wet and dry areas, creating a glowing appearance. Furniture with wood elements gives a strong warm impression, especially wood fibers are seen on the sink table make the bathroom look natural and attractive.

Revere pewter paint bathroom
Revere pewter paint bathroom – Source: elvison.club
Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas
Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas – Source: homebunch.com

5. Feeling Warm and Natural

The combination of gray and white is able to bring warm and natural nuances so that bathing activities feel more enjoyable. This bathroom is also decorated with shelves filled with various displays and candles. Besides the presence of black and the presence of glass ornaments, it gives the impression of elegance and clean, which is the charm of this bathroom style.

Natural bathroom with blackbutt style
Natural bathroom with blackbutt style – Source: pinterest.com.au
Bathroom with big windowsMarch
Bathroom with big windows March – Source: alot.io

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