11 Unique Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas With Shades Of Blue

05 Everything does not have to be blue

The bathroom is one of the most important things that must be in a house. The hygiene factor is something that really needs to be considered in this bathroom because this determines the health factor for the occupants of the house. The bathroom must also be comfortable for its users. One way to make the bathroom comfortable is in terms of painting the bathroom. And of course, everyone has their own favorite color.

At this time we will discuss some bathroom ideas with shades of blue that you might like. Let’s listen to it completely!

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11 Unique Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas With Shades Of Blue

1. Modern light blue bathroom

This bathroom is suitable for you who like the impression of simple and contemporary. The interior design of the bathroom is not too complicated, making this bathroom feel comfortable for its users.

01 Modern light blue bathroom
Modern light blue bathroom – source: dekorrumah.net

2. Very comfortable and pleasant

Who can resist the charm of this one bathroom? The impression of a minimalist and a blend of blue is very fitting to make this bathroom more comfortable to use and gives the impression of cool morning users. And your children will also love the design of this bathroom.

02 Very comfortable and pleasant
Very comfortable and pleasant – source: dekorrumahnya.com

3. A spacious window in the blue bathroom

By placing a large window in your bathroom, this will make a cool impression because outside air can enter your bathroom. This will also save electricity in your home because the incoming sunlight will immediately illuminate your bathroom.

03 A spacious window in the blue bathroom
A spacious window in the blue bathroom – source: exposedesainrumah.blogspot.com

4. Simple with shades of the beach

If you like to vacation on the beach, why don’t you just bring the shades of the beach into your bathroom? By giving blue paint into your bathroom and providing beach-style accessories such as shells, starfish, etc. will make your bathroom feel like the sea.

04 Simple with shades of the beach
Simple with shades of the beach – source: dekoruang.top

5. Everything does not have to be blue

If you don’t like monotonous impressions, you can combine blue with other colors. As an example, combine bright colors with white. As we know white is a neutral color that can be combined with any color. By combining bright blue and white, your bathroom will look brighter. Coupled with the placement of windows that are quite large and many and also the floodlights are quite bright, will further make your bathroom look very bright.

05 Everything does not have to be blue
Everything does not have to be blue – source: homedit.com

6. Blue and luxury

This one impressive bathroom is very luxurious. By using shiny furniture and the use of a very large mirror, making this bathroom look wider than the original. By combining blue and gray, making this bathroom seem more luxurious and modern.

06 Blue and luxury
Blue and luxury – source: galeripedia.com

7. Beautiful coral paintings

This idea is quite unique to try. Make a picture of the coral reef on the wall of your bathroom. The sensation is like diving, cool right?

07 Beautiful coral paintings
Beautiful coral paintings – source: infobisnisproperti.com

8. Mosaic design on the bathroom wall

With wall mosaic decorations like the idea below, your bathroom will feel more unique and artistic.

08 Mosaic design on the bathroom wall
Mosaic design on the bathroom wall – source: fimell.com

9. Classic blue

The classic impression is displayed by the design of this bathroom. the use of wood furniture that is very distinctive provides aesthetic and classic value in this bathroom.

09 Classic blue
Classic blue – source: ayeey.com

10. Luxury in dark blue

Luxurious impression displayed by this bathroom. By using marble stone furniture and mirrors with special patterns, this bathroom makes it look luxurious, plus the use of dark blue which seems masculine.

10 Luxury in dark blue
Luxury in dark blue – source: rumahidealis.co

11. Simple and elegant

Very simple and elegant, that’s all that can be revealed for this one bathroom. The blue color is not too bright and too dark, and the use of contemporary furniture, makes this bathroom feel very comfortable and contemporary for its users.

11 Simple and elegant
Simple and elegant – source: line-interior.com

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