20+ Gorgeous Hidden Bathroom Storage Design For Inspiration

IKEA Bathroom Cabinets Idea

Having lots of storage is an important part of a functional home design, whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, storage room, dining room or bathroom. Whether it’s modern interior, rustic, Asian, tropical, rustic style, or classic style, whether it’s especially in large and small bathrooms, storage space in the form of shelves and cabinets to put various toiletries and hygiene and cosmetics needed.

Often, when the bathroom also serves as a wash, storage cabinets become more crucial to ensure the practical use of available storage space to suit your needs and tastes. Therefore, often designers and bathroom decorators carefully include this storage section to fit visually and remain functional for the bathroom.

Mini-sized bathrooms have unique challenges in terms of storage of toiletries due to limited space. However, that does not mean you can not have a neat and orderly bathroom. There are various creative ways to keep toiletries so that although small, the bathroom still looks beautiful, neat, and also comfortable to use.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Medicine Cabinet
Bathroom Vanity Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Here are some strategies for placement of toiletries that you can apply:
1. In Shower Area Or Bathtub
2. Above and below the Washbasin Table
3. Around Toilet Sit
4. Behind the Bathroom Door
Here are some examples of storage designs in the bathroom.

Interested to immediately rearrange your tiny bathroom? Get the maximum storage space without ruling out the aesthetics. A comfortable bathroom would also make the wearer feel at home for long in the bathroom. Happy to be creative!

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