10 Attractive Dining Room Lamp Design Ideas to Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

The Waterfall Bubble Chandelier

Want to make the room in the house more impressive certainly not always done by renovating on a large scale. Designing a unique chandelier in the dining area can be an easy trick and also uses a budget that is no bigger than having to renovate the space. Here are some unique lighting design ideas in the living room that you can apply at home.

While dining rooms are designed for entertaining, there’s still room to get a bit creative with your decorating choices, including light fixtures. From sculptural pieces to minimalist pendants, browse this selection of inspiring dining room designs featuring statement fixtures.

Dining Room Lamp Design
Dining Room Lamp Design

Here are some comfortable and beautiful dining room design ideas with sparkling light

1. Vintage Design

In this room, of course, one form of lamp that is suitable is a lamp with many sides or in the shape of a ball. The design of this one lamp is not just in the form of a ball but its shape consists of a crystal lamp arranged so that it displays the shape of the ball. Very beautiful coupled with the roof made of glass with unique motifs.

Shabby Chic Dining Room
Shabby Chic Dining Room – Source: homedit.com
Make Dining Conversational
Make Dining Conversational – Source: videosmarotos.info

2. Retro And Casual

Who doesn’t like the appearance of bright spaces? Of course, one of these dining room designs has a comfortable and bright impression. With a variety of white furniture and also curtains with yellow electric accents allowing light to enter and reflect in the room. The chandelier, which is designed from wood and also linen, gives a retro and casual impression in the room. It feels cheerful and refreshing too.

Small Casual Dining Room Ideas
Small Casual Dining Room Ideas – Source: umanl.info
Two pastel colours Mix and Match
Two pastel colors Mix and Match – Source: yunaforum.com

3. Industrial And Red Accents

This one dining room design has an old style look. Designed with floors, tables and wooden chairs adorn the long dining room. The uniqueness of this room lies in the red accent found on the chair and also the display. Plus the dining room has a rustic impression designed with eye-catching industrial design lights.

Red Leather Dining Chair Design Ideas
Red Leather Dining Chair Design Ideas – Source: decorpad.com
Industrial Dining Room Design
Industrial Dining Room Design – Source: pinterest.ru

4. Bubble Lights

If your house is designed with all-blue themes, maybe this one dining room can be an inspiration. Located on the side of the room, it is designed very comfortable and also not too formal. With a half circular chair and a glass table, unique and adorable. Not to forget the blue bubble lights are an attraction that fits in with a variety of all-white decoration in it.

The Waterfall Bubble Chandelier
The Waterfall Bubble Chandelier – Source: etsy.com
Air BnB statement lighting
Air BnB statement lighting – Source: houseandhome.ie

5. Playful Artwork

Lights in the dining room, of course, will add to the atmosphere in the room. In the dining room that appears formal, of course, a little playful look is not a problem. The chandelier is designed to look like a work of art with its curvature. Of course, making stiffness in the dining room decreases and feels more familiar.

Lisa Parker Interiors For Our House
Lisa Parker Interiors For Our House – Source: pinterest.ru
Bold abstract artwork sets a playful tone
Bold abstract artwork sets a playful tone – Source: designers.elledecor.com

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