10 Comfortable Stair Design Ideas for Elegant Homes in 2019

Spiral Staircase Design Ideas

With so many amazing choices now available for your staircase design, it might be difficult to decide which is best for you. If you are building a new and modern home, you need to know all the available options. Trendir has compiled this guide for a series of stairs models that are very different from their own uniqueness.

All of these stairs you can try and create your own with the same decorations as the ideas below. Stair decoration can be a major staple for those of you who have a two-story house. The design and decoration of the stairs can be a special allure in your home.

Comfortable Stair Design Ideas
Comfortable Stair Design Ideas

Modular Ladder Design

Exceptional design to adapt to various locations, modular stairs will simplify travel in your new home. It works efficiently to connect areas of the house, while maintaining a light, due to smart scale road construction. With an adjustable riser and site, this will simplify the installation process. It will not block light and can be installed even in tight spaces.

From Premier Loft Ladders
From Premier Loft Ladders – Source: premierloftladders.co.uk
Best Modular Ladder Design
Best Modular Ladder Design – Source: fehrplay.com

Circular Ladder Design

It’s hard not to like spiral stairs. Naturally attractive, a spiral staircase combines form and function in a design victory that is always popular. The circular shape extends around a central pole that is affixed to the ground, giving the stability and appeal of a classic design. Spiral stairs are a logical choice if you are pressed for space in an urban home, or perhaps to provide alternative stairs in a rural home.

Spiral Stairway Design ideas
Spiral Stairway Design Ideas – Source: rizziscale.it
Spiral Staircase Design Ideas
Spiral Staircase Design Ideas – Source: decorathing.com

Outdoor Stair Design

If you can’t get a typical spiral look, why not use it also outdoors? Outdoor Stairs are designed for long life, are made of metal that is suitable for outdoor use, and are finished with special care to weather the entire structure. An outdoor circular staircase can be a very convenient way to get to the top level of your home without having to walk through the entire house to get there.

Outdoor Stairway Ideas
Outdoor Stairway Ideas – Source: decoredo.com
Metal Staircase Exterior
Metal Staircase Exterior – Source: homeandlivingdecor.com

Mini Stair Design

Take advantage of the small space with an ingenious mini ladder. It looks smart and maintains style while focusing on advanced technology to solve space problems. In fact, each step is set up specifically to ensure comfort and stability for the user, but at the same time it takes up valuable space.

Staircase for small space
Staircase for small space – Source: awninginterior.com
Diy Small Spiral Staircase
Diy Small Spiral Staircase – Source: realbarandbistro.com

Retractable Ladder Design

Do you, like many others, store important items stored in the attic? Or maybe you use the room as a guest room once in a while when too many guests decide to stop by? Well, a ladder that can be pulled has long been the preferred way to access that valuable space. However, too many steps that can be stretched are purely functional and not too good to see.

Werner Attic Ladder Installation
Werner Attic Ladder Installation – Source: nemog.org
Premier Loft Ladder
Premier Loft Ladder – Source: wynngate.co.uk

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