30+ Best DIY Napkin Folding Tutorial Ideas

Awesome DIY Napkin Folding Tutorial Ideas 26

Some people might think that a napkin is just a napkin and nothing are so special about it. However, if you are dinner parties lover then you absolutely need give a touch of art for your napkins. So, your dinner parties and holiday meals will not be so plain.

Instead of folding napkins in square and rectangle shapes, you can definitely can impress your guests with some fancy napkin folding skills to give an artistic presentation of your dinner events.

Awesome DIY Napkin Folding Tutorial Ideas 16
Awesome DIY Napkin Folding Tutorial Ideas 16

So, how can you spruce up your plain napkin and impress everyone before they’ve taken a single bite of food. There many ways of folding napkins that you can create by your own such as a simple pocket, a lotus flower for the spring, an origami roll or other beautiful creations.

Moreover you can add some details or accents on your napkins like a decorative charm, embroidered stitches, or a floral napkin ring.

Need some inspiring ideas on folding napkins? Here we have 30+ Awesome DIY Napkin Folding Tutorial Ideas that we have collected around the web.

The art of napkin is always a good thing for a table. Make a fancy, neatly-folded napkin to impress your guest.


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