10 Creative Ideas For Making Home Furniture From Unused Stuff

10 Comfortable Sofa From Wood Pallets

Various kinds of furniture are of course chosen and designed according to our wishes. Even from wood to metallic material can be used as a material to make beautiful furniture. But what about recycled materials? Don’t you think that the house will be more interesting if it is filled with unique furniture but also environmentally friendly because it comes from recycled materials? Maybe some of you don’t know how unique and antique are recycled items.

Here we have summarized some unique furniture ideas that you can use to try at your home. let’s see until it’s finished!


10 Creative Ideas For Making Home Furniture From Unused Stuff
10 Creative Ideas For Making Home Furniture From Unused Stuff


1. Chairs and tables from tires

It turns out that tires that are said to be unused can be used into various things. One of them is recycled into tables and chairs as shown. By adding a net as a place to sit, a chair with or without a backrest can also decorate your living room or terrace. Not only chairs, but the coffee table is also designed with used tires.

01 Chairs and tables from tires
Chairs and tables from tires

2. Table lamp from an unused key

Who would have thought a small object like a key if collected a lot could be this unique item? The desk lamp is certainly very interesting. Unused keys are attached to each other until they become new items. Antique and certainly impressive vintage.

02 Table lamp from unused key
Table lamp from an unused key

3. Hanging Rack from Guitar

You can use the classical wooden guitar that has been broken into this one furniture. By opening the front lining of the guitar, the empty space inside the guitar can be used to put things in need. Ornamental plants can also be placed inside. Of course, adding to the beauty of the space in your home.

03 Hanging Rack from Guitar
Hanging Rack from Guitar

4. Chairs from Oil barrels

Oil barrels or barrels can be used to be redesigned into something new and interesting. One of them is made into a chair. The iron frame is certainly strong enough to withstand the load above it. Besides that, the color is also more diverse. Sturdy, attractive, and also comfortable, especially if there is a backrest.

04 Chairs from Oil barrels
Chairs from Oil barrels

5. Tables from Unused Paper

If you have a newspaper or magazine that is not used, of course, some of us will choose to be discharged or just thrown away. Though these used papers can be used again for unique furniture such as a table. Yep, the rolled paper or magazine is joined to one another so that it will make a circle motif on the glass table mat. Attractive and of course beautifying the living room of the house.

05 Tables from Unused Paper
Tables from Unused Paper

6. Seats Atop Magazines

If previously there was a table, this one was more like a bench, a seat for home. The formation is fairly simple as in the picture. Only need to provide magazines, wooden boards, and also unused belts. The magazine stack that determines the height of the bench is the choice of each participant. Add pads to the top of the magazine so it’s comfortable to sit on.

06 Seats Atop Magazines
Seats Atop Magazines

7. Stairs for storing goods

You can use a triangular staircase that you no longer use as a shelf or storage area for goods. You can add planks on each footing. In order to look more beautiful, you can polish it with a special finishing of wood. Painting it back in a color that matches the theme of the room can be an interesting idea.

07 Stairs for storing goods
Stairs for storing goods

8. Cover the Lamp from the Rice Container

Behind the confusion, the design of furniture from used goods is very unique. Made of an iron material with rice containers, this lamp cover looks so vintage and attractive.

At night, the light will scatter outward from the round cracks on the surface. So, even the room where this lamp is located will look different.

08 Cover the Lamp from the Rice Container
Cover the Lamp from the Rice Container

9. Cable Rollers Become Nice Tables

Building and road construction work often leave a variety of unused items, one of which is large cable roll rolls. Unexpectedly, these rolls made of wood can turn neat into a table for the house. Just like furniture from other used goods, it will be even more interesting if the surface is given a coat of paint.

09 Cable Rollers Become Nice Tables
Cable Rollers Become Nice Tables

10. Comfortable Sofa From Wood Pallets

Wood Pallets are very easy to find. This wood material is used for various purposes, juggling it into a comfortable and unique sofa, will leave a very positive impression.

10 Comfortable Sofa From Wood Pallets
Comfortable Sofa From Wood Pallets

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