10 Transparent Home Furniture From Acrylic Material To Beautify Your Minimalist Home

Everyone certainly wants to make his house beautiful and comfortable. Having unique furniture is certainly one of the ideas that are widely used so that our homes look more beautiful and unique because of the unique furniture. However, have you ever thought of having transparent furniture? Is it possible to make transparent furniture? Of course, you can, you can try the ideas we have summarized.

Transparent furniture is made of acrylic/plastic material that is quite strong. So it is suitable for use as an ingredient in making transparent furniture and of course it looks transparent. Let’s look at the ideas below that you might try at your house!

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10 Transparent Home Furniture From Acrylic Material

1. Acrylic swing

This one swing is quite unique because it is transparent. Do not be afraid of this swing broken, because this swing uses thick acrylic material so that it is strong enough to hold the weight of the person using the swing.

01 Acrylic Swing source claraacrylic com
Acrylic Swing – source: claraacrylic.com

2. Acrylic dining chairs

The next transparent furniture is an acrylic dining chair with a classic style. It turns out that combining it with a marble dining table can make both look very attractive.

02 Acrylic Dining Chairs source homedit com
Acrylic Dining Chairs – source: homedit.com

3. Acrylic coffee table

An acrylic coffee table can be extra impressive furniture for your minimalist living room. The transparent color makes it very easy to juxtapose with various other furniture designs. Even the carpet under this table can look more eye-catching because it looks so clear.

03 Acrylic coffee table source homedit com
Acrylic coffee table – source: homedit.com

4. Acrylic Furniture for the Bedroom

One advantage that you can get when adding transparent furniture into your home is that the room will feel more filled with air. So it is very suitable if you choose a small table beside the bed to make the room spacier.

04 Acrylic Furniture for the Bedroom source homedit com
Acrylic Furniture for the Bedroom – source: homedit.com

5. Acrylic long sofa

Don’t be afraid to add a long sofa into your minimalist living room or living room. Because their very minimalist form coupled with an interesting enough focal point will make the room more character.

05 Acrylic Sofa source decoist com
Acrylic Sofa – source: decoist.com

6. Acrylic single sofa

As with the long sofa, you can put a single sofa in both rooms. To be more comfortable, complete the sofa body with comfortable cushioning.

06 Acrylic single sofa source homedit com
Acrylic single sofa – source: homedit.com

7. Acrylic bar stools

Have a bar-shaped dining table design at home? Whatever table design you have is all going to match it with a translucent acrylic stool.

07 Acrylic bar stools source homedit com
Acrylic bar stools – source: homedit.com

8. Acrylic Calendar

The transparent but also plastic appearance of acrylic makes it work like a whiteboard or blackboard. That way you can freely write on an acrylic calendar or schedule board and can easily delete them again.

08 Acrylic Calendar source pinterest com
Acrylic Calendar – source: pinterest.com

9. Acrylic photo frame

Acrylic photo frames are not only stylish, but transparency from acrylic can also give the appearance of a floating effect on the photos or artwork that you display there. How to frame it is like framing a photo on a regular frame, you only need to replace the two layers of glass used to flank the photo with two acrylic sheets. This acrylic photo frame is far safer and lighter so it’s easy to set up and move around.

09 Acrylic photo frame source pinterest com
Acrylic photo frame – source: pinterest.com

10. Acrylic Trays

Acrylic is known as one of the main materials used for various containers or storage boxes, such as storing make-up and stationery. You can also modify acrylic storage with your own creations, such as this transparent tray. Guests who come to your house can be amazed that you serve drinks to them with this stylish tray.

10 Acrylic Trays source google com
Acrylic Trays – source: dekoruma.com

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