15 Gorgeous Fountain Design Ideas You Have To See

Fountain Design Ideas

The home garden is not only identical to the decoration of green plants and a collection of various flowers that have beautiful colors. To beautify the appearance of a minimalist garden, you can give a fresher impression and the setting is to use the design of the fountain in the courtyard of the house. Placement of the fountain in this yard can be placed on the edge or in the middle of the garden. With the fountain in your home garden, it will make the park atmosphere cooler and fresher. In addition, the sound of gurgling water from this fountain will make the atmosphere of the home garden more natural and peaceful.

The benefits of fountains, including minimalist fountains, have been felt by many fans. Whether placed inside the house or in the garden, a minimalist fountain is not only present as an object that invites admiration and ideal decoration. But a minimalist fountain can also provide a relaxing effect because of the sound of the water flowing around it.

Fountain Design Ideas
Fountain Design Ideas

Minimalist and Simple Fountain

Minimalist design is often dominated by straightforward and firm structures such as the example of a minimalist fountain above. From solid cement material, this minimalist fountain uses a straight geometric structure with three sources of falling water that appear simple. Without a paint finish, this minimalist fountain is suitable to be placed in an outdoor area such as a home garden.

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