25+ Beautiful Shade Garden Design Ideas for Your Home Yard

Beautiful Shade Garden Design Ideas 04

Gardening is always synonymous with vast land and filled with soil. But now, your dream to have a garden can be realized even though there is no empty land to plant. The trick is to make a hanging plant. If planting with a pot that is hung with a rope is too mainstream, then now you can make a sensation by planting in other media, that is hanging lamps.

Maybe you can use a broken lamp or buy a used one at a flea market. Well, after that you enter the soil and plant the plant species like ivy, white betel, and betel ivory. In addition to adding freshness in kosan, this plant can also be used as decoration.

With the garden in your home, not only will make the appearance of your house to be attractive and beautiful but of course will make the air around your house to be immediately with the plants. In addition, the flower garden can be as your place to relax and relax after exhaustion with activities in the city. In fact you can do pinik or camping with family in your garden.

Beautiful Shade Garden Design Ideas 020
Beautiful Shade Garden Design Ideas 020

You can create a flower garden in front, beside and even behind your house. To create a flower garden is not really difficult, you just need to know the right steps to make it. By creating your own flower garden you can save your budget and get the shape of the garden to your liking. Here’s the idea of shade garden ideas:

Well that was a variety of concepts how to create a beautiful flower garden at home. Hopefully the above information can help you. good luck

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