10 Comfortable Study Room Design Ideas To Increase Your Concentration While Studying

One part of the house that can be used as a place to study is a study room. In addition to being used as a place to study, learning space can also be used as a workspace, for example, to complete work that has not yet been completed in the office, do homework given by the teacher at the school, or just read a book to fulfill your hobby.

Study rooms usually consist of one table and chairs. The interior design of the study room must also be designed as comfortable as possible in order to increase your concentration. If you are confused about choosing the right study room design, here are some cool study room designs to improve your concentration:

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10 Comfortable Study Room Design Ideas

1. Study room with wide views

This study room is only filled with light wood and black items. There was a long and wide window at the front of the table, also on the side of the wall. This workspace is designed to reduce fatigue while working, with the influence of green plants in the home garden.

01 Study room with wide views source homify com
Study room with wide views – source: homify.com

2. Attic as a place to study

Under the sloping ceiling, the small space feels comfortable and calm. Here they put a window facing the front area of the house, and arrange a place to sit and study, or work. On both sides of the chair, a storage area was placed to place the book, the right size to the ceiling. They also put another window on the ceiling, to make sure the room does not darken, and learning or working activities can be done in impressive calm.

02 Attic as a place to study source homify com
Attic as a place to study – source: homify.com

3. A Work Space with Unique Personality

The table is the center where we move, in front of a glass wall filled with solid black iron, which is the border between the workspace and the family room. Interesting of course to be here, with a view of two rooms.

03 A Work Space with Unique Personality source homify com
A Work Space with Unique Personality – source: homify.com

4. In a Bright and Quiet Atmosphere

This one study room has a feel like in a cafe. Solid black tone settings on folding doors, tables and bookshelves are the main colors, creating a calm and bright feel, also pleasant and comfortable. And when the folding door is opened, the room will be connected to the terrace, giving openness and freedom to thought.

04 In a Bright and Quiet Atmosphere source homify com
In a Bright and Quiet Atmosphere – source: homify.com

5. Roomy Study Room Design

This photo shows the design of a study room or workspace that is solid but feels spacious, spacious, with the concept of sitting cross-legged. From the first to second floors, bookshelves and tables are placed on the left side of the road, allowing residents to carry out their activities comfortably.

05 Roomy Study Room Design source homify com
Roomy Study Room Design – source: homify.com

6. Family Workspace and Library

The above study room shows a library room and family gathering room, which can also be used for work or study. One side of the bookshelf is interesting because it also contains ladder space, which you can also use as a seat to read books. Or, you can also relax reading in the comfortable sitting area on the floor.

06 Family Workspace and Library source homify com
Family Workspace and Library – source: homify.com

7. Living Work Space

A table and shelves are arranged on one side, and the rest of the room is separated by a wall, to place a restroom placed in front of the window. The warm settlement makes the whole room quiet and comfortable to concentrate.

07 Living Work Space source homify com
Living Work Space – source: homify.com

8. Workspaces that are hidden in a family room

An example of an impressive workspace, utilizing a part of the family room, using an open separator bench, where at the bottom, also provides storage space. A closed workspace is good for concentration, but it is a good inspiration to use the workspace as a liaison between fellow residents.

08 Workspaces that are hidden in a family room source homify
Workspaces that are hidden in a family room – source: homify.com

9. Integrated Work Space with Bedrooms

The functional headboard of the bed acts as a barrier between the bed and the work desk, where at the same time, it is also possible to be a place to place items that are simple and small. And it is a wise step to use most of the space from the available space.

09 Integrated Work Space with Bedrooms source homify com
Integrated Work Space with Bedrooms – source: homify.com

10. Impressive, with Classy Atmosphere

A large and wide window with a view outside the house is placed in the back, in front of a table with chairs that have comfortable legs. This room is filled with industrial nuances of wood, black iron, and yellow lighting, which at the same time creates an impressive workspace, which features a free atmosphere with windows on both sides.

10 Impressive, with Classy Atmosphere source homify com
Impressive, with Classy Atmosphere – source: homify.com

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