10 Easy Furniture DIY Projects for Interior Design

Furniture DIY Projects

Much of DIY is so easy that you can do it in your spare time. Happy weekend? You can build outdoor sofas, benches or a number of console tables and coffee to add to the rustic style of your home. In less than one hour, you can make beautiful holiday decorations or beautiful gifts for teachers and friends.

I like reclaimed wood projects. Instead of throwing away the boards when you are repairing a closet or other renovations, you can turn them into new and attractive pieces for your home! If you are interested in a reclamation timber project. So, if you ever want to make furniture or decor your own home. There is everything here, from clothes hangers and snow wood blocks to beautiful outdoor sofas and even porch swings that are very easy to make. From coffee tables to bathroom mirrors, there is always something you can do.

Furniture DIY Projects for Interior
Furniture DIY Projects for Interior

1. DIY Pallet Basket Coffee Table Industry

The decor of the family room is mostly dependent on coffee tables and people try to get the most unique and beautiful types of coffee tables in their living rooms. Here comes this basket style palette making coffee tables with wheels and a dark chocolaty stained look to shake your living space by bringing a shabby chic style statement there.

1 DIY Industrial Cart Pallet Coffee Table
DIY Industrial Cart Pallet Coffee Table

2. Upholstered DIY Bench

There are many things that the bedroom needs to get complete furniture and upholstered benches are one of them. This is a simple but overly stylish type of bench for your master bedroom to sit in front of the bed. You can use a wooden board that is cut into a decent board and then join together from a decent chair and stylish legs.

2 DIY Upholstered X Bench Tutorial
DIY Upholstered X Bench Tutorial

3. DIY wooden stool with metal hair clips

The bench on your porch or hall will be a very functional addition to allow you to do so many tasks on it. Just grab a few wooden boards and arrange them together to form a chair and add a simple but stylish and chic hairpin and bench chair ready to make your space more fun and functional.

3 DIY Wooden Bench with Metal Hairpin Legs
DIY Wooden Bench with Metal Hairpin Legs

4. DIY Handmade Mirror Console Table

A console table is an urgent need for every house to hold household knick-knacks on it. So here we have a simple, beautiful and stylish console table with mirrors that you can easily build yourself at home using wood.

4 DIY Hand Built Mirror Console Table
DIY Hand Built Mirror Console Table

5. DIY Coffee Table with Pullouts

A coffee table that is truly stylish, storage and functionality is the desire of every comfortable person. This is a super beautiful and slim coffee table with thin drawings on both sides so you can store lots of your knick-knacks.

5 DIY Coffee Table with Pullouts
DIY Coffee Table with Pullouts

6. DIY Handcrafted Drink Station

Summers are all about drinks and cocktail parties and if you have some crafting skills then you can create a drink station of your own. Just get an old recycled table from the store and convert it into a fun and cool with a little paint work and added mesh pockets to hold your drink stuff in them. A keyboard has been installed at the front where you can write words like Drinks and anything cool.

6 DIY Handcrafted Drink Station
DIY Handcrafted Drink Station

7. DIY IKEA New Craftroom Desk Hack

Using these chest of drawers you can turn it into a gorgeous, super chic and modern style desk computer for your office home working stations. All you need to do is make a wooden desktop board, and for the legs use this IKEA designed wooden legs on other. Pairing it all in white and gold at the pull outs this desk has touched the peak of beauty and style.

7 DIY IKEA Hack New Craftroom Desk
DIY IKEA Hack New Craftroom Desk

8. Hexagon Denim Patchwork Chair

Like these old traditional chairs have been made to look a totally shabby chic piece of furniture with just added seats from the Old denim. The denim has been cut and weaved to the shape of the diamond for the super-rocking touch to these old chairs.

8 Hexagon Denim Patchwork Chair
Hexagon Denim Patchwork Chair

9. Wooden Self-Made End Table with Built-in Planter / Ice Bucket

If you have an old end table that has been replaced by the idea of re-purpose it into something really cool and chic. You can transform the end table into a planter table or the ice bucket for some of the feasible wooden changes in the structure and thus get something functional and fruitful from this old end table.

9 Self Made Wooden End Table with Built in
Self Made Wooden End Table with Built-in

10. DIY Easy King Headboard

Here is a super functional and fun way to bring some refreshing and fun in the bedroom decor and that is too simple and cheaply. Just get some large wooden board and cut it into the size of your bed headboard. Next cover it is a soft fabric of the color and matches your bedroom decor and it’s done.

10 DIY Easy King Headboard
DIY Easy King Headboard

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