10 Wonderful Minimalist Interior Ideas That Make Houses Comfortable

Interior of the Home Porch

Regardless of the area you have, you need a creative plan to design the building that you will occupy. Every corner of the room must be utilized as best as possible, so as to produce efficient arrangement. The theory is that minimalist homes use monochrome colored paint. If you feel white is too plain, add wood material or natural stone walls with simple motifs as accents.

In accordance with the theory, residents spend as much as 95% in the house. Thus, good interior design is needed in order to bring home feel that is comfortable, personal, and everlasting. In addition, the house is also a symbol of one’s personality, which represents the expression of the occupant.

Minimalist Interior Ideas
Minimalist Interior Ideas

1. Living and Family Room

Designing the interior of a living room in a minimalist home, a living room with a high ceiling, and a large window, make the room feel spacious and maximize the amount of light entering. In addition, both functions also provide good air circulation in a space. The selection of soft colors, as well as wood accents, can also give the impression of comfort and relaxation.

Living and Family Room Ideas
Living and Family Room Ideas – Source: pranala-associates.com
Living and Family Room
Living and Family Room – Source: casaindonesia.com

2. Workspace

Working at home has many challenges, ranging from finding the right design with your personality and your needs to efficient office arrangement. Therefore, a good workspace design is needed so as to increase work productivity. For the workspace, choose bright colors, but still soft. Green and blue palettes are believed to be able to increase focus and work efficiency.

Workspace Design Ideas
Workspace Design Ideas – Source: magidesignstudio.com
Workspace – Source: getsarchitects.com

3. Interior of the Home Porch

The terrace can be a pleasant gathering place for relatives or friends who gather. One of them, you can apply the fish pond on the terrace of the house, the fish pond itself is believed to bring positive energy in every home.

Interior of the Home Porch Ideas
Interior of the Home Porch Ideas – Source: ottofelix.com.br
Interior of the Home Porch
Interior of the Home Porch – Source: edhaarchitects.com

4. Children’s Play Room

Foldable design furniture can make a multifunctional space, like in the picture above. Learning rooms and children’s play that are integrated into the family room also function as children’s bedrooms. In addition, foldable flexible furniture can make space spacious whenever needed.

Children’s Play Room Ideas
Children’s Play Room Ideas – Source: casaindonesia.com
Children’s Play Room
Children’s Play Room – Source: archdaily.com

5. Bedroom

Minimalist bedroom design without much detail can give a more spacious feel. The use of white or pastel not only helps make the room look brighter but can provide a sense of relief. In addition, maximize the use of sliding doors to save space.

Bedroom Design
Bedroom Design – Source: archdaily.com
Bedroom Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design – Source: casaindonesia.com

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