11 Awesome Modern Wooden Stair Design Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Unique Staircase House Design

One important element that should not be forgotten in building a two-story house is the stairs. Since time immemorial, wood materials have often been used to make traditional stairs. Over time, it turns out that more and more modern wooden staircase design ideas are suitable for minimalist housing.

Wood is famous for its strength and also its durability is quite high. That is why, since ancient times there are still many people who choose to use this material for their home elements. Although the arguably old school, wood can look modern when combined with other materials.

For example, you can combine wood with black iron. This wooden staircase design idea is very modern and is being loved because it is very suitable for minimalist industrial-style dwelling. The shape of the stairs is not all kinds and tends to be simple.

Stairs Design Modern
Stairs Design Modern

Have a child at home? Make sure you use a safety guard on the side with the alias handle. Well, this railing itself you can make using wood or other material. By using the same material, you can get a more attractive stair design.

Or use glass material as a barrier or fence. The glass used is a special material, not easily broken and also smooth when held. Guaranteed, your minimalist two-story home stairs can look more contemporary and modern.

A minimalist house can also choose wooden staircase design ideas with concrete accents. If the concrete ladder looks very sturdy or masculine, the application of wood material can make this ladder look good and not heavy.

Not only looks contemporary, but modern wooden stairs can also give a warm feel to the house. For those of you who are building terraced houses, here are some wood stair design ideas to choose from.

best House stairs ideas
best House stairs ideas – source: pinterest.co.uk
cool staircase design
cool staircase design – source: cncloans.com
Modern Stair Design ideas
Modern Stair Design ideas – source: all-home-decors.com
Simple Modern Stair Ideas
Simple Modern Stair Ideas – source: www.houzz.co.uk
Stair Design Architecture
Stair Design Architecture – source: architectureconsultant99.blogspot.com
Stair Front view
Stair Front view – source: granddesignstaircases.com
Stairs Design Modern
Stairs Design Modern – source: pinterest.com.au
Unique Staircase House Design
Unique Staircase House Design – source: mahmoodarte.ml
Unique Wooden Stairs Ideas
Unique Wooden Stairs Ideas – source: za.pinterest.com
Wooden Stair Design
Wooden Stair Design – source: workingholiday-canada.info
Wooden Stair House Design
Wooden Stair House Design – source: www.homify.in

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