35+ Amazing Staircase Design Ideas For Small Home

Interior Stairs Design Ideas1

Small houses are a challenge in many ways, of course, the presence of stairs is included because it must maintain the function of the staircase, albeit modified in width, height or design to contribute to the overall dimension of the house.

Stairs are an important part of your home. Like a blood vessel that connects all parts of the body, it also becomes the connector between the top and bottom. But usually, this section is often overlooked. Either rarely cleaned or just so the corner where the pile of unused goods. And you can make stairs into a beautiful part of the house and okay for the photos. Even though the house is small, do not worry. You can still get the design and style of the ladder are unique and interesting.

The functional ladder helps us to climb down from the top floor to the bottom. But other forms and functions can be created. One of them is suitable for small houses. Functional, practical and able to store other items. Minimalist design will always be the best for a small room. On a ladder, a few drawn lines on a white wall can provide an elegant picture and a practical and functional aspect.

Home Interior Design Ideas Stairs1
Home Interior Design Ideas Stairs1

That’s her inspiring ladder for your home. May inspire those of you who want to have a home with beautiful and colorful staircases.

What else is expected of a home other than comfort? And simplicity like this can also bring comfort to you and your family. Even the room below can be used as a place to relax.

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