Amazing! Here are 15 modern minimalist kitchen design ideas in 2019

04 Tiny in the corner of the room

Because increasingly limited land makes the area of the house smaller. As a result, the minimalist model is the most suitable.

Another advantage, a minimalist model dominated by white and a choice of simple functional furniture capable of conjuring up a narrow area looks broad from the original.

Interesting, right? Here are 20 minimalist kitchen design ideas that you can try at your home

15 Amazing modern minimalist kitchen design ideas in 2019
15 Amazing modern minimalist kitchen design ideas in 2019

1. Minimalism with a Dining Room

A narrow room can be tricked to look great by uniting the kitchen and dining room. Then, the use of white tones and other colors that minimally reinforce the impression of minimalism, as well as wood material presents a warm impression.

The right placement of the kitchen and the entrance system at the dining table increases the mobility of this kitchen design. So, if a larger room is needed the owner only needs to put the dining table into the kitchen island.

01 Minimalism with a Dining Room
Minimalism with a Dining Room

2. The touch of Wood Material

A kitchen with a touch of wood can also make your kitchen more natural and give a warm impression. Ornamental plants in the corner of the room that is directly connected to the skylights. In addition to functioning as plant photosynthesis, the presence of skylights also saves electricity usage.

02 Touch of Wood Material
The touch of Wood Material

3. Minimalist 2 sides

The white color with skylights makes this long narrow kitchen feel spacious. The left side of the laundry while the other side is the cooking place.

The cabinet at the top as a storage place for kitchen utensils. A refrigerator that blends with the wall further adds to its minimalist strength.

03 Minimalist 2 sides
Minimalist 2 sides

4. Tiny in the corner of the room

For those of you who have a size of 3 × 4, this design can be an option. The kitchen with a limited width is transformed more efficiently with 2 sides, the sink, and stove. Although cornered, this small kitchen can be an effective space for cooking and eating.

04 Tiny in the corner of the room
Tiny in the corner of the room

5. Luxury Minimalism

The combination of a marble table with concrete and giving a level at the foot of the kitchen looks luxurious. The touch of the black line on the white cabinet and wood elements is the main attraction that adds a little contrast. The geometric design of the backsplash makes the kitchen break the monotonous impression of the kitchen.

05 Luxury Minimalism
Luxury Minimalism

6. Modern Minimalism

This one idea is suitable for you who want to have a modern minimalist kitchen. with the placement of kitchens on the second floor and the use of glass as on the outside walls gives the impression of a beautiful city view. by adding wood accents and bar stools make this kitchen look even better

The use of the area is more efficient with the merging of the refrigerator and cabinet on the wall and the stove juts into the inside.

06 Modern Minimalism
Modern Minimalism

7. Tiny Artistic

if you are bored with the color of the monotonous white kitchen, giving paintings and using certain accented ceramics can give a more artistic impression to your kitchen. Limited storage space can be manipulated with wall hangers.

07 Tiny Artistic
Tiny Artistic

8. Industrialist Kitchen

The concept of industrialists is so clear with the use of exposed bricks on the walls. Not only carrying a minimalist design, but this kitchen also carries the concept of industrialists with the presence of exposed bricks on the left side.

08 Industrialist Kitchen
Industrialist Kitchen

9. Minimalism, Black and White, and Modern

The dominance of white with black accents will make the kitchen has a firm and modern atmosphere.

09 Minimalism, Black and White, and Modern
Minimalism, Black and White, and Modern

10. Warm, Monochrome, and Minimalism

The touch of wood motifs on the kitchen floor and ceiling presents warmth reinforced with yellowish-colored lights. Similarly, white dominates and furniture come with a minimalist model. And, the combination of black and white with monochrome nuances.

10 Warm, Monochrome, and Minimalism
Warm, Monochrome, and Minimalism

11. Spacious Kitchen Area

Kitchen combined with dining room, Limited area is perfect for this design. Black sofa bed and coffee table that become the focal point. Wooden floors create a natural impression. An island that is both a laundry area and a dining room is functional. Kitchen wall with horizontal line decoration.

11 Spacious Kitchen Area
Spacious Kitchen Area

12. Kitchen with L model

Storage is important for achieving a clean and spacious kitchen. When you have a small kitchen, be creative with your storage and never run out of space. This bar end drawer is perfect for heavier cutlery.

12 Kitchen with L model
Kitchen with L model

13. Minimalist open kitchen with garden

Although small functional from the interior of the kitchen is so efficient. The use of the bottom cabinet level and vertical horizontal decoration on the cabinet reinforces the difference in the area.

The wood on the right wall and the floor and chairs gives a warm impression. The backsplash design uses glass for those who want the kitchen to have a direct view of the garden. In addition to functioning as an area of splash the use of glass as well as the direct entry of sunlight.

13 Minimalist open kitchen with garden
Minimalist open kitchen with garden

14. Industrialist Lamp Decoration

Besides using the kitchen island as a place to eat, this design also optimizes the island as a storage medium. The use of hanging lamps presents the impression of modernity and the led backlights on wooden walls present a warm impression on this kitchen. Minimalist impression does not fade with white in this kitchen.

14 Industrialist Lamp Decoration
Industrialist Lamp Decoration

15. Elegant black

The black color on the top table and cabinet presents an elegant impression. The use of wood elements and the addition of small carpets present a warm feel and feel so comfortable. Minimalism that is usually identical with white is present on the side of the window that is directly connected with sunlight. The smart tricks on this design make use of the empty space on the side of the island you can use as a backup storage area.

15 Elegant black
Elegant black

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