Top 15 Rustic Fireplace Mantels Design to Inspire You

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Design Ideas 110

The mantels aren’t intended to support heavy weight. In addition, we give an unfinished mantel if you must match a current paint or stain color. We would like your rustic mantel to be ideal. If you don’t find a rustic mantel that’s precisely what you were searching for, this our article is written for you to custom create a rustic fireplace mantel only for your home.

Installing a fireplace may add a distinctive dimension to your residence. The fireplace and mantel are frequently the focus of a room, so much thought needs to be put into choosing the best one for your decorating style. Some could want a custom-made fireplace and mantel.

Your mantel shelf doesn’t need to get limited to the amount of your hearth. Lastly, do not forget that mantel shelves aren’t confined to the fireplace. Wooden mantel shelves can be found in numerous pure colors. Most mantel shelves are simple to install, provided that you adhere to the directions and possess the essential tools.

Rustic Fireplace Mantels Design Ideas 70
Rustic Fireplace Mantels Design Ideas 70

Mantels and surrounds can be drawn up from several diverse materials. A wooden mantel complements fireplaces which have a conventional decor. Wooden fireplace mantels are quite popular, and there are several designs that you can select from. An oversized fireplace mantel with a lot of carvings and ornate details will appear out-of-place in a little living room. Here they are the best rustic fireplaces mantel ideas :

The priciest sort of mantels and surrounds are made from marble. When you know the kind of mantel that will be appropriate for your house, you can go ahead with the artwork and the color scheme. You may have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind fireplace mantel that nobody else has. With this article, everything will easier to realize your desire.

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